Darren Barnes-Heath

Darren’s interest in Developmental Neurology has grown over the 27 years he’s been a chiropractor becoming more of a passion when he became a Dad. He started teaching Developmental & Functional Neurology 10 years ago with the aim to make neurology as simple and relevant as possible, helping practitioners understand how they are affecting a child’s brain and giving them more treatment options.

While he attempts to keep up with the emerging research his days are mostly spent in clinic treating children with mild, moderate and severe learning disorders. The blend of practical knowledge and research comes across in the Developing Brains Seminars which he has taught in 10 countries to various professions.

His post-graduate learning has primarily been in Functional Neurology, then to broaden his understanding of how children learn and different ways to assist this he has observed and studied from Vision Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Audiologists and Speech & Language Therapists.
He is lives and works in Lincoln UK, with his wife and four children.