Peter Griffin

Director of Open Doors Therapy Ltd

My passion is about seeing and valuing children, not as mini adults, but as developing individuals progressing through a childhood that should lay the foundation for a happy and fruitful adulthood.
From the late 1960’s until I retired as a Primary school Head in 2006 I had various roles including:
• Class Teacher, Coordinator, Teacher Trainer and Advisor;
• One of the first Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators;
• Headteacher, Advisory Headteacher and Trainer on Leadership and Management ;
• Education Writer and Advisory Editor;
• Neuromotor Immaturity Therapist, Researcher and Trainer;
I am passionate about using developmental focused therapy to remove a barrier for underachieving and SEN children. Despite research and examples of children suddenly accelerating their progress following the therapy, it is hard for schools to embrace this concept. However, perhaps my receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Education Awards in 2019 may help to give the concept of Child Development having a crucial role to play in ‘Raising Standards’